Some of our work

video for local businesses

Brief Sample Work

Here are some snippets of how our mass video distribution can help get eyes on your business and services and Increase your local rankings in search engines.

Explainer Videos can work for you and your business. Perfect for attracting new customers via Facebook video ads, email marketing or to have on your website. Explainer videos can be used for internal staff video messages or training videos to add a fun element.

REMEMBER: This is mass video distribution – we are not providing or selling you fancy videos here, it is all about getting you up the rankings and in front of customers by ranking for keywords in your niche and more importantly in your local area.

In all campaigns we will be making and circulating 150-200 videos minimum.

Explainer Videos

Local SEO Explainer – Used for Social Media adverts. Click to play

Local Delivery Service

Mass Video Distribution

Example of one of many in the campaign for Keyword Targeted video for Electrician in Arklow, Wicklow. 

Product Review Video

Review video taken from a website and using some of the client reviews as text. 

Website Post to Video Campaign

From a simple website post we turned it into a Video and circulated via our Youtube Network to make it rank higher and draw attention to the site and the product.

localface media explainer videos

Website Building and Upgrading



We helped this customer upgrade and tweak their website to optimise it for local traffic and results started to roll in.

website creation localface media

We will help you
with Local SEO


Local Video Campaigns will get you more business

local video marketing

Targeted Mass Video Distribution Works - try it.

localface media

Get in touch with us today so we can talk you through the process to start working on your videos to drive local business your way – with a targeted and strategic tried and tested formula.