Client Video Multiplication & Distribution

No matter what you’re promoting, you can explain it and display it better with a video.

Client Video

With this service & strategy we will multiply you the client’s existing video(s) content and distribute across a network of YouTube channels to which we have access. If you don’t have any videos yet no problem keep reading we can help.

 We will generate unique video introductions and video closings to go with the client videos to enable distribution to multiple channels. We will include a clickable tracking link in the video description for viewers to engage with your offer or to encourage them to get in touch with you to avail of your products and services. Each video will be unique to avoid any flagging from Youtube.

This is mass video distribution – we are not providing or selling you fancy videos here, it is all about getting you up the rankings and in front of customers by ranking for keywords in your niche and more importantly in your local area.

In all campaigns, we will be making and circulating 150-200 videos minimum.