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70% Of Marketers Say That Video Performs Better Than Other Content For Producing conversions and sales……do I need to go on!

Our story

Most Ranked Video Marketing Agency!

Work with the best, not the biggest. At Local Face Media we are a small studio digital media company that works with local businesses, SME’s – why? Because we are a small local business and understand what the pain points are.

If I look at an About Page or the reason I suppose I would look at an About Page is to find 2 key things: If I was going to be doing work for them – who they are and any nuggets of info I can use in their campaigns. Secondly, if I was going to be using their services who they are and what they might be like!

We are a small and agile local marketing studio based in Dublin but with staff scattered around Europe. It is a digital business so it can be done from anywhere right ! the beauty of digital media. That said we won’t attend many offline meetings for this reason

Local Face Media

I have worked in advertising and publishing, affiliate marketing, video marketing for most of my working life and have had my own businesses on and off. All small local businesses – so I know what makes you tick.

People buy from people and I believe in that. So just pick up the phone or drop us a mail and no matter how big or small your project or ideas we can help get things moving in the right direction for you.

See our full list of services HERE or contact us today to see how we can come up with a very simple but effective strategy to start driving more local business your way.